Enjoy Blow Dry Lotion

Enjoy Blow Dry Lotion

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Blow Dry Lotion creates volume, body, and shape for lifeless hair. This product adds thickness to fine hair without adding weight. It's the perfect lotion for creating the look you want- full and fun or smooth and sleek/ Blow Dry Lotion gives you the picture perfect hair day and night.

- Great For All Hair Types

- Eliminates Frizz

- May be Used on Damp or Dry Hair

- Soft Flexible Hold


Directions For Use: On clean damp hair, pour a small amount onto hands and emulsify (rub into hands.) Apply to roots and comb through ends. Blow dry and style as desired. May be scrunched for soft hold. On dry hair, pour a small amount onto hands and emulsify. Apply to hair and style or blow dry as needed.

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