Color Care Conditioner
Color Care Conditioner
Living Proof

Color Care Conditioner

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Living Proof Color Care Conditioner forms a protective layer to help lock in color and helps replenish the outer layer often damaged during the coloring process.

This formula is designed to care, fortify and protect your hair.
• Lightweight base - silicone-free conditioning, adds slip to the hair to prevent future damage
• Emollient blend - enhances natural shine
• Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) - helps hair stay cleaner, longer
• Locking Molecule (CPULA) - forms a hydrophobic layer on hair even after it’s rinsed to help lock in your color
• Emollient & Amino acid blend - replenishes damaged hydrophobic layer, smoothes the hair cuticle and enhances shine
• UV filter - substantive to your hair, limits wash-off after rinsing to protect against UV rays that damage your hair and fade color
• Cuticle Sealing Agent - seals the hair cuticle to reduce porosity and help protect against color loss